About Us

For more than three decades, Saudi Company for Prefabricated Buildings LLC (NEWFAB) have been engineering, manufacturing and assembling portable as well as permanent buildings: single and double-storey of unlimited open spaces, at competitive prices, delivered in record times.

We are serving the construction, commercial, industrial and residential market segments across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

We are committed and focused to successfully providing our Clients with world class prefabricated buildings.

Our superior manufacturing facility is located in Wadi Dirab approximately 40 minutes from the centre of Riyadh covering a total land area of 340,000 m2 with a production capacity of approximately 1,500 m2/ day.

Continuously we are investing in our employees’ training and development to maintain our standard besides to firmly comply with the Saudi Arabian and the International Quality Standards in order to warrant a product free from defects, capable to withstand the regional weather extremes as well as transportation over hundreds of kilometres.

Our expertise is across a broad range of business sizes within governmental and non-governmental organizations.